Why Playing Math Games is Good for Children

It is important that children develop an interest in math earlier on during the pre-kindergarten. If the child is interested and likes the subject, there are high chances that he or she will retain that interest during later stages of schooling which is a great advantage. Even if the child does not seem interested in math at the present moment, you can develop that interest by providing a little extra guidance and help.

One way of getting the kid interested in math is by introducing them to math games.

Kids love playing games more so if the games are interesting. There are plenty of math games available online that teach kids fundamental mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division among others. By playing these math games, kids will be able to develop an early interest in math and within no short time their performance in the subject will improve. Since most students consider math to be a difficult subject, those who have mastered and find the subject fun will be encouraged to perform well in other subjects.

Playing well designed math games especially those available online help improve childrens problem solving skills. By learning the games, kids will have their own ideas of solving problems and as they get more into the game they will have confidence in making their own decisions. It is very essential for kids to learn solving problems at an early age. This skill will not only help the child in math and other subjects, but will prove crucial in later stages of life.

Introducing math games to children at a very early age allows them to be familiar with the subject. Through playing math game, children will discover that math is after all not intimidating as they previously thought. Parents can introduce counting games as soon as the child starts to engage other members of the family. As they grow older, they can then be introduced to more advanced math games.

Since the math games involve more than one person, the child will be able to develop social skills. Playing the games with others improves the way they perceive team work and will be more inclined to participate in teams in future. The kids learn to solve specific problems in a team setting. The math games also help the student learn ways of motivating and positively interacting with other students. Since there is no exam at the end of the game, students will feel more relax and have a better understanding of mathematical problems.

Revving Up With Car Games

Car games are probably some of the most popular video games of all time. Even those who don’t know how to drive a real car yet are often eager to get behind the wheels of the virtual ones and compete with their buddies. And so, here is a quick look at some of the of the most popular games that has many gearheads excited.

Arcade games
Arcade style racing games ar considered the grand daddy of all racing games that are in the market today. This are the huge machines that you would often see in the shopping malls and entertainment centers, which has a complete mockup of a car’s controls. Many gaming aficionados love this one as it gives a somewhat realistic feel to the game, which also ads to its excitement.

One of the most popular titles in this one is Daytona USA introduced by Sega in 1993. This one is well loved as it simulates one of the most popular racing events, the Indianapolis 500.

Daytona USA has multiplayer capabilities (a standard feature of arcade racing) which allows up to four people to compete head to head. The game also has great graphics, which was considered as one of the most realistic looking during its heydays.

Console Games
Just like its arcade daddy, the console racing game has also been a familiar thing ever since kids in the ’70’s first got hooked to video games. The earliest console games are actually very crude, with only blocks to represent the car that the player is using. However, as home game consoles got more powerful, the look of the games themselves also became more and more familiar. One of the most popular of the early generation of console racing games was F1 Racing for the Nintendo Entertainment System (more popularly know as the Famicom).

Nowadays, with the power most consoles have, it is very common for racing games to to have that cinematic look that was only common for arcade machines then. Of all the titles released, one game of note is the Gran Turismo series, first launched in 1997. The game started the trend mentioned above , with its lush environment and exactly replicated set of cars. It also introduced the idea of having physical damage to the car, which affects its handling.

Online Games
This one is actually a new trend in racing games that is fast becoming popular. Here, you will get the chance to race with the guys in the next town or even in the next country. Most next generation consoles already offer this one. Racing games for PC’s are also becoming quite popular for casual gamers.

Free Online Adventure Games

Macromedia Flash, as it was originally called, was founded in 1996. It was consequently acquired by Adobe in the year 2000. The flash code, as with all new software, was not exempt of bugs and difficulties for learning and usage. Flash games developed in the flash platform where limited. Although Flash provided a breakthrough for multimedia application development, the fact remained that it was a challenging task. Flash games where limited to simple and rudimentary forms of pong, Tetris, and pacman to say the least. With time the code was refined, to point that an eager novice could be in his way to developing a new flash application in a matter of weeks. As a result of the ease of use of the flash code, more and more flash programmers became willing and able to offer their services for new flash game creation. The law of supply and demand applies, and the price for sponsored flash games became a lot cheaper.

More flash developers and lower prices enticed many more website owners willing to sponsor a game for their website. Flash games are not only readily available for online players to play for free, but they have also expanded their horizons in terms of their previous limitations. Genres such as Adventure and Role Playing have taken over the scenery. Adventure games in the flash platform now allow users to define profiles, battle in an assortment of arenas and backgrounds, and even save their game for later in a flash application which is no bigger than 5 MB. Worth mentioning are games like Feudalism developed by Arcade Town games. This is a novelty in the Role Playing games genre where the player starts off picking a character, who he also gets a chance to build by adding available points. The adventure takes off in a mini world with several towns, and the object of the game is to conquer them all. Your character builds on experience, buying weapons and hiring mercenaries. It could take a player anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to finish the adventure, thus why a save game option is available from within the flash game itself. This game goes a long way from your classic pong.

Strategy games are another genre spawning free flash game websites. With popular game titles like Tower Defense, a game so popular it has been able to create its own niche with entire flash game websites being created around this game and related titles. Bloons, Bloons 2, Age of War, Prince of War, are all variations of the tower defense genre rising in popularity. Adventure and Role Playing games are more entertaining than ever, and best of all they are completely free. The increased competition can only be good news for the online gamer, who in the end benefits, again for free.

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